Wednesday, February 3, 2010

28 Day Organizing Challenge

I have read about and looked at all of the entries in the org junkie's challengees for over a year now. Finally, I intend to participate in one. My craft room is a horrible mess, I can't even find anything when I need it. So all of my craft stuff (and believe me there is plenty of it) is going to waste. Here is what it looks like right now (I can't believe I am putting this picture on the internet

and a little closer...
This area is off of my bedroom, so no matter how clean my bedroom is it looks trashed because I can't block off the view of this area. Hopefully this challenge will give me the incentive to finally get this room done.

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James and Laura said...

Good for you, Shawn! Look forward to seeing the "all organized" photo and all of the crafty things you'll be making in that room.

Trust you are well. How are the kids?

Love, Laura