Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Great trip to Lowes Foods

I went twice - before work and again at lunch so that I could do the meal deal twice.

2)Lowes Foods Boil-in-bag rice - free w/meal deal
2)Lowes Foods 16oz frozen veggies - free w/meal deal
2)Lowes Foods Mini Garlic Bread - free w/meal deal
2)Lowes Foods 1/2 Gallon Ice Cream - free w/meal deal
2)Perdue 1.8lb Chicken Breast Italian Marinated - 8.99 ea
3)Hunts 24oz Ketchup -5/$5- used 3).50/1 mfg cpn -.60 ea
2)Lowes Foods canned Black Beans - .60 ea
1)Lowes Foods Skim Milk (Gal.)- free w/4 Kellogs Cereals
1)Kellogs Apple Jacks -3/$4.98- $1.66
2)Kellogs Rice Krispies -3/$4.98 used 2)$1/1 mfg cpn- .66 ea
1)Kellogs Shredded Wheat Blueberry Muffin-2/$4 (Try me free rebate on box)-2.00
1)Jello Singles -1.99- used .50/1 mfg cpn doubled- .99
2)Daisy 8oz Sour Cream -10/$10 -used 2).50/1 mfg cpn doubled- free
9)Betty Crocker Brownie Mix -3/$1.98- used 8).50/1 mfg cpn doubled- $1.06 ovg
1)Uncle Ben's Cajun Style Ready Rice-2.75-mfg cpn/free-free
1)2-Liter Diet Squirt - 10/$10 - $1.00

OOP: $28.81
Saved: 49.90
*Plus, I will get $2.00 back from my Shredded Wheat Rebate (went out in the mail this am)

This sale ends today....

Monday, July 28, 2008

International Traveler

This is the very nice family that Sarah stayed with for the weekend in Japan. She had a great time and the homestay was her favorite part of the trip.

When I picked her up at the airport one of the leaders told me Sarah had a surprise for me. His name was Matthew. She came home with a boyfriend. He lives in Texas so it will be a long distance courtship.

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Hamburgers, Potato Salad, Pork & Beans, Chips
Tuesday - Will be in Charlotte taking Sarah to the Jonas Brothers Concert
Wednesday - Salad, Baked Potato before church
Thursday - Heading up Crafts for VBS at local pregnancy center
Friday - Cubed Steak, Stewed potatoes, Salad
Saturday - Hot Dogs, Baked Beans, Chips
Sunday - Spaghetti, Garlic Bread, Salad

For more great menu ideas check out orgjunkie.com.

My Little Cowboy...

Friday night we went to the rodeo at the Yadkin Valley Ranch. Last year, Luke did the Mutton Busting and has talked about it every since. So this year we signed him up again. He was improved this year, but still didn't stay on the sheep long enough for me to get a picture. After that he wanted to ride the mechanical bull...

As cute as I think it is, I have to wonder if I am encouraging something I will live to regret.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scrubbing Bubbles Deal

In Sunday's Smart Source insert there was a mail-in rebate form for a Scrubbing Bubbles Action Scrubber starter kit (up to $5.69 value). Pair this up with the $2.75/1 printable coupon here and you not only get it for free, but you make $2.75 on it.

I have two of these (one in each bathroom) and I LOVE it. I will definately be getting a third to have the refill pads if nothing else.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday - Ham, green beans (from the garden), zucchini & onions, corn, biscuits
Monday - Keilbasa, green beans, potatoes, cucumbers & onions
Tuesday - I won't be home, soccer coaching class
Wednesday - Chicken Alfredo, salad
Thursday - Baked potato & salad
Friday - Hamburgers, potato salad, pork & beans, chips
Saturday - Sarah comes home from Japan!!!!!, will probably eat out on way back from Raleigh airport

For a lot of menu ideas check out orgjunkie.com.

Walgreen's Deals 7/20 - 7/26

You can pick up an ad in the front of the store that will have the coupons in it.

11oz. Dawn Dish Liquid - .99 w/in ad coupon (Limit 2)use .25/1 mfg coupon get it for $ .74 (I wouldn't get this unless you have a mfg coupon to use with the in ad coupon)

Penway Filler Paper (130 sheet college ruled / 150 sheet wide ruled) -.29 w/in-ad coupon (limit 3)

Penway highlighter assorted colors - .05 w/in ad coupon (limit 3)

Penway Mini Composition Book - .05 w/in ad coupon (limit 4)

Paper Mate Mechanical Pencil (5pk) - .05 w/in ad coupon (limit 3)

Penway 2 Pocket Folder - .05 w/in ad coupon (limit 5)

Penway Wood or Flexible Ruler - .19 w/in ad coupon (limit 3)

Penway No. 2 pencils, 10pack - .19 w/in ad coupon (limit 3)

Bic Brite Liner Highlighters, 5pack - .39 w/in ad coupon (limit 3)

6oz. Blue Diamond Almonds - B1/G1 free - $1.65 each - (limit 4)

Reynolds Aluminum Foil, 20sq ft - .89 w/in ad coupon, I also have 3).55/1 cpns so I will get 3 rolls for .34 ea (limit 4)

Kashi Cereal 2/$5 - go here and sign up and you can print 2) $2/1 coupons which will make it $1 for 2 boxes or .50 each:

That's the best stuff I see right now :-)

Check out cherrypicker for her deal ideas - Robin, she has some baby stuff broken down.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Free Stuff

Benefiber Sticks here
Rebate for Smart Start Strawberry Oat Bites or Frosted Mini Wheats Blueberry Muffin Cereal here
Pond's Clean Sweep Towelettes here. Just leave the Costco Membership # field blank.
Jiffy Mix Recipe Book here
Greenies Dog Treat Samples here
Free Sammie at Quiznos here

Free Johnson & Johnson's Mom Kit full of Samples
and Coupons: Call 1-866-565-2229 option 1 (automated)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kotex Sample Pack

Free sample pack includes a $1/1 coupon..here.

True Lemon

I have been using True Lemon for over a year now and I love it. I have just recently tried the True Lime and True Orange and they are great too. It makes it so much easier for me to drink water like I should. It's just too much trouble to keep a lemon cut up to squeeze in a glass of water when I want it, but with True Lemon the same taste is always available right out of my cabinet. Go here for a free sample and try it for yourself. If you like lemon or lime in your water you will love True Lemon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Food Lion & Lowes

Today was the last day for this weeks sales so I had to stop by for just a few things..

Food Lion
2)Bundino Pepperoni Pizza B1G1
3)pkgs Kool-aid
1)16oz can Planter's Cocktail Peanuts

1).50/1 Bundinos
1)$3/1 Planters nuts when you buy 3 kraft products (Koolaid is a Kraft Product)

$2.72 OOP
*I have a rebate form to get $2.50 back on the Bundinos, which will make my oop $.22

$ 0.00 3)8oz Daisy Sour Cream used 3).50/1 doubled
-$2.00 4)6.4oz Colgate Toothpaste used 4).75/1 doubled (made .50 overage on each tube)
$ .56 1)Betty Crocker Warm Delights used 1).55/1 doubled
$ 2.50 2)Chex Cereal used 1).75/1 doubled
$ 2.69 1)JFG Mayonnaise used .40/1 doubled
$ 2.20 5)Yoplait Whips used 1).40/4 doubled & 1)B4/G1 made them $.44 each
$ 2.79 1)Woman's Day Magazine $2.79 (It was an issue dedicated to saving money)
$ 1.50 1)head of lettuce
$16.99 1)4lb box Bubba Burgers (12 Burgers) with this I got the following free:
$ 0.00 1)2lb tub Star Potato Salad
$ 0.00 1)2lb tub Star Cole Slaw
$ 0.00 3)cans Lowes Pork & Beans
$ 0.00 2)8ct Lowes Hamburger Buns
$ 0.00 1)11oz bag Lowes Potato Chips

$27.91 OOP $37.01 Saved

Monday, July 14, 2008


I did this in two transactions...

2)Kotex Maxi Pads-24 ct
2)Dove Deodorant
2)Dove Cream Oil Lotion
1)12oz. Celebrity Canned Ham
1)1/2 gal skim milk
1)Pledge Aerosol w/free Pledge duster
1)Pledge Multi Surface Wipes
1)200 SQ Glad Cling Wrap
1)Schick Quatro for Women
1)FlaVorIce popsicles

2)$2/1 Kotex
2).75/1 Dove Deodorant
2)$1.50/1 Dove Lotion
1)$2/1 Pledge Aerosol
1)any Pledge product free w/purchase of Pledge Aerosol
2)$3/$10 (one on each transaction)
The Schick Quatro was a free gift if you bought the deodorant
$2 Register Rewards from Kotex Pads
$5 Register Rewards from purchasing 4 Unilever products (Dove)
$11.79 Gift Card from last months rebates

Bottom Line:
$ .87 OOP
$2.00 Rebate for buying 2 Pledge products

I Love CVS!!

I got this in two transactions...

1st Transaction
2)Maalox Advanced (12 oz)
2)Sure Deodorant & Antiperspirant (3.3oz)
3)Sally Hanson Hard as Nails
1)CVS Facial Cleansing towelettes (15 ct)
2)$2/1 Maalox
1)$5/2 Maalox CVS cpn printed on my receipt at last trip
2)$1.50/1 Sure Deodorant
1)$3/2 Sally Hanson from Beauty Book(print at 50%)
1)$2/1 CVS Skin care from Beauty Book (print at 50%)
$5 ECB (from last trip)

2nd Transaction
1)Excedrin PM (24 ct)
1)Excedrin Back & Body (24 ct)
1)Excedrin Extra Strength (100 ct)
1)$2/1 Excedrin PM
1)$2/1 Excedrin any 100 ct
1)$3/1 Excedrin CVS cpn printed on my receipt at last trip
$3 ECB (from Sure Deodorant-from 1st transaction)
$1 ECB (from CVS facial towelettes-from 1st transaction)

Bottom Line:
$ 7.77 OOP
$10.00 ECB made for next trip ($20 worth of Excedrin)
$ 4.79 rebate on Excedrin Back & Body
$ 2.69 rebate on Sure deodorant
*I made $9.71 on these two transactions

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Sonic w/Luke (Have to go to town to get a RX filled) - We ended up at McDonald's
Tuesday - stuffed zucchini, grilled onions, roasted potatoes - I didn't feel well and Luke was starving when he got home from Church camp so he had Bundinos, I had cereal.
Wednesday - sandwiches, chips
Thursday - Hamburger helper, veggies, bread
Friday - Kielbasa & potatos, Green beans, bread
Saturday - Warthogs Game w/church - Ball field HOT DOGS!!!!!!!!
Sunday - ????

Check out all of the other great menu plans at Laura's site

International Traveler

Well, we got Sarah on the plane yesterday morning. I wish I had taken a picture in the airport, but we left the house at 1am for the 3 hr drive to Raleigh (she had to be there at 4:30 am) and I wasn't thinking really clear. Her flight was to Leave Raleigh-Durham airport at 7:20 on 7/13, arrive in Chicago at 8:20, depart Chicago at 12:15 and arrive in Tokyo, Japan at 3pm 7/14. I am not sure how time zones are affected and I'm not sure which time zone these times listed are in, but according to one of the leaders I asked yesterday they will arrive in Japan at 3pm our time today. That means she will be traveling for a solid 31.5 hours, and according to the itnerary from People to People they hit the ground running in Japan. She is supposed to call me when she gets there, but I am not sure when she will get to. Keep her in your prayers.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Better late then never...
Monday - Bacon, Eggs & Toast - This was good, we used the plum jelly that I made over the weekend on the toast.
Tuesday - Loose Meat Sammies, grilled onions, potato chips, cucumbers - I used ground pork this time, not as good as ground beef, but still good
Wednesday - out before church
Thursday - Lemon Pepper crock pot chicken, pasta salad, cucumbers, peas - This was ok - I just poured a bottle of Mrs. Dash lemon pepper marinade over split chicken breast in the crock pot, but I don't think I really like lemon pepper. The kids didn't eat it either.
Friday - Johnsonville smoked sausage links, potato chips, pasta salad, cucumbers -I have decided to take Sarah & Luke out to eat tonight to spend some time with "sissy" before she leaves. We will have these tomorrow night.
Saturday - Fend for yourself (I will have to go to bed early-have a 2 1/2 drive to have Sarah at airport at 4:30 am) - Johnsonville smoked sausage links, chips, pasta salad that we didn't have last night.
Sunday - ???

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Stone Mountain

Some pics from our picnic at Stone Mountain, we had a great time. And FINALLY some pics of Sarah. She leaves Sunday for Japan, keep her in your prayers.