Wednesday, April 9, 2008


I am hooked. I've been shopping at CVS with a plan for a little over a week now and I have already saved about $233.60. This is what I did today on my way home from work (done in two transactions).

2)Febreeze Noticeables
1)Pepcid EZ Chew
2)Excedrin Migraine
1)Johnson & Johnson Melt Away Stress Lotion
1)2pk Cheerios

Used: Febreeze B1/G1
Pepcid $2/1
Excedrin 2) $2/1
J&J Lotion $1/1
Cheerios $1/1
$17.00 ECB

$3.84 OOP (including tax)
$7 ECB's received for next time
Oh yeah, the little piece of paper is a rebate form for up to $5.50 back on the Pepcid, so actually when I get that back I will make $1.66 on these transaction.

All of my trips to CVS in the last week have not been quite so pleasant. This is what happened while I was in the store last Saturday...

There were two witnesses, but neither was able to get a license plate #. Of course, the guy left and now I am stuck having to pay for the damages myself. Good thing I am saving all of this money.

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