Monday, April 28, 2008

Food Lion

I can't get my grocery trip total down to nothing, but this trip did impress the guy in line behind me. I was pretty pleased with my total. What you see above is...
2 lb sandwich bread, 2 FL tasteeos honey nut cereal, zuchinni, 2 sweet onions, Always feminine products, gerber nail clippers, FL travel wipes,2 lt 7up, FL corn oil spray, 5 cans FL veggies, Welch jelly, ketchup, cream of chicken soup, 2 jiffy blueberry muffin mix, Seapak Popcorn shrimp, jumbo white eggs, yoplait kids yogurt, 1.5 lbs cubed steak, 2.5 lbs chicken breast tenders, 10 lb chicken leg quarters, jamestown sausage, pilsbury frozen biscuits.

Total oop: $35.69 Total saved: $40.32

I consider it a great success when I save more than I spend.

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