Thursday, April 24, 2008

Inbox Dollars

I signed up for this a week or two ago and am really liking it. I have been reading e-mails that they send me and have actually signed up for a couple of things that have gotten me extra money (more on those in a minute). So far, I have accumulated about $26.31 in my account. Most of this just for reading e-mails. The two things that I have signed up for that did get me $18 of that is 1)CH DVD- it's like the DVD club the only difference is I got 3 DVD for a one time fee of $9.95- NO SHIPPING. All I have to do is order 2 DVD's a year @ $7.95 - $14.95 ea (no shipping charges) to maintain my membership. I can cancel anytime after the first year. I would do that anyway so I see this as not spending extra money to get my $10 sign up bonus with Inbox Dollars. 2) - I signed up for the one month trial for $1- This will get me a $10 Exxon Gas card, $8 in my Inbox Dollars account and I will cancel within the first month if I don't think it is something we will use. I think I will just let the money accumulate and request my check about October and use it to go Christmas shopping. Check out the link to the right and sign up.

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