Thursday, May 8, 2008

How sweet...

As I sit here posting, my children are in the kitchen making brownies for a fundraiser at school tomorrow. They have warned of possible severe weather this evening and I have worried all day about how my 6 yr old son would handle it. You see, about 2 months ago he was in the car with his father when a huge pine tree fell on the car as they were going down the road. We had had rain for several days and it had been very windy. The car was totaled but no one inside was hurt. Luke was showered with broken glass but not injured. Every since then he has been terrified if the wind even starts to blow and you may as well give up trying to do anything if the sky gets dark or it thunders. He goes through the house from room to room looking out the windows to make sure there are no tornadoes, begging to watch the news and go to Every morning he asks what the weatherman said to expect for that day. Now tonight, I have come in and you can hear the thunder rumbling in the background. I am waiting for Luke's panic to begin, but I hear him in the kitchen tell his sister that God is with him, he is not afraid and he goes over to the refrigerator where I have a magnet from our VBS 2 yrs ago that says "do not be afraid. God is with you. Joshua 1:9 and he reads that to his sister. He is now in the kitchen and the thunder is getting closer, the rain has started and all my son cares about is licking the spatula from the brownie mix. God is good!

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James & Laura Alexander said...

Oh wow. We had not heard about that! Thank you Lord for protecting Luke and his dad.

What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing that. Very inspiring and encouraging. God is indeed so good.

Give our love to the kids! J&L