Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Trip to Town

I had a very good trip to town last night. I went to Walgreens, Target and CVS. I only spent about $20. Now for me that is amazing. Here's what I got....

Walgreens: Reusable bag, 2 feminine products, 2 dish liquids, 4 hefty one zip storage bags, 7 up freezer bars, scissors, oral b cross action toothbrush, 2 kraft macaroni & cheese.
$24.96 Merchandise
$ 8.53 Coupons
$10.00 Register Rewards
$ 7.85 OOP (including tax)
I will get $4.49 back in a rebate for the toothbrush, which really makes my OOP $3.36

Target: 2 trial size All detergent (for Sarah's trip to Japan), trial size Q-tips, Post-it filing tabs, Bonus pack Crest Pro-Rinse Night, Speed Racer Car for the little man.
$17.44 Merchandise
$ 8.00 Coupons
$ 1.74 10% disc Target Visa Rewards
$ 8.76 OOP (including tax)
**The Speed Racer car alone was $7.59 +tax

CVS: Ajax dish detergent, 2 Colgate Total toothpaste, 3 CVS allergy tabs, Schick Intuition Razor.

$28.11 Merchandise
$ 6.00 Coupons
$18.54 ECBS
$ 4.22 OOP (including tax)
$21.37 ECB's Back
So basically I made $17.15 on this purchase.

I think I am addicted to the coupon shopping. My hubby keeps reminding me that we don't need any more toothpaste. I think I have about 10 tubes stockpiled so far. Last week I did donate toothpaste, toothbrushes, and Breathsaver Mints to our Military Care Packages at church. I will also be using many items for Samaritans Purse shoeboxes at Christmas. I donated 8 bars of the Johnnson's Buddy soaps to our area pregnancy center a couple of weeks ago, so nothing is going to waste.

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