Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Years Goals

Alright, here is where I stand to date on all of my goals...
1) Lose weight - 8 lbs. down / 67 lbs. to go - I feel like it is a pretty good start.

2) Exercise more - I am exercising approximately 30 minutes a day. A couple of other girls at work are exercising to, so we are doing workouts during our breaks and sometimes lunch also. These are either walking outside, jumping rope or using the resistance band in the warehouse.

3) Save, Save, Save - So far I have only been saving what is automatic with my Way2Save account at Wachovia. But I will have the budget reworked by next payday to increase that. I did use a little of the money I had saved for Christmas, but for the first time I can remember I did not use a single credit card for Christmas this year. Nor did I screw up the budget so bad that it will take until March or April (tax return) to straighten it back out.

4) Pay down debt - I am still working on the best way to go about setting this goal and coming up with a game plan.

5) Read the Bible all the way through - Here I am doing great. With the reading plan I came up with I should be on page 54 now. I am on page 67. That would be 13 pages ahead of schedule. I have found that if I get up before anyone else gets up and start reading I have a hard time stopping to get ready for work. I love it!!!

6) Do more with the kids, just to enjoy the time with them - We took Luke to the Monster Truck Jam in Greensboro Friday night. He had a blast. Right now I have plans to take Sarah to WinterJam 2009 in Greensboro in February. It will be smaller things after that.

So far, So good.

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